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Take a stand to improve education, grow our economy, and protect our family farms here in Middle Georgia.

My name is Bethany Ballard. I have been proud to serve House District 147 for the last two years. Georgia has remained strong through these turbulent times because our leadership has focused on the right priorities. We must reinvest in those priorities to bring good jobs, safe communities, and quality schools to Georgia families.

Georgians know they can rely on Bethany to protect our quality of life. She is endorsed by leaders across this State that trust her vision.

Over my years of service, I have been asked to give several endorsements for candidates. In all of those I have never been more confident to endorse someone like I am for Bethany. I could never express how invaluable she has been to Lindsey and me during my time in office. All of her work behind the scenes assisting me with things that don't get noticed has uniquely prepared her to hold this seat. She is ready, she is prepared, and she is the person for the job.

Heath Clark

State Representative, HD147

I would like to take this moment to urge all of you to vote for my friend Bethany Ballard to the Georgia House of Representatives for district 147. As a councilman for the city of Warner Robins I cannot tell you enough how important it is to have representation in our State House that reflects the values and beliefs of the constituents that live within the district. Bethany will carry her strong conservative values to the House and help assure that we have a say in all of the issues that affect us. Whether it is the education of our children, the protection of our lives and property, or our economic stability, there is no one I would trust more to represent the needs of District 147.

Kevin Lashley

Councilman, City of Warner Robins

Bethany is an intelligent, motivated, and dedicated conservative who will prove to be a source of renewed energy as a State Representative for the people in her District. She is a proven leader in her community and a mother of two bright boys. As a conservative mother of two myself, I am elated to support Bethany Ballard for District 147.

Brittany Bennett


For years, Bethany has been a trusted voice for conservative Middle Georgia values. She is a proven leader in our community and will be a strong advocate for her constituents in Atlanta, protecting missions at Robins Air Force Base, defending parents' input in their children's education, and supporting law enforcement and our veterans. We need Bethany at the Capitol. She will put hard working Georgians first.

Larry Walker

State Senator, SD20

Our state representative must re-invest in the opportunities that make our community a wonderful place to call home.

Bethany will always fight for what is best for students. Our state's children need to be proficient readers and proficient and users of technology to be successful in school and in the workforce. We must put policies in place that set students up for this success now and down the road!

Middle Georgia depends on Robins Air Force Base. We must support our military families and veterans so they can thrive in our community. We must also work to attract new missions to RAFB to keep our community growing and thriving.

Agriculture is Georgia's number one industry. Bethany will fight for policies that protect our farmers and help agri-business grow in our state. Her goal is to keep Georgia farmers competitive and make sure that family farms thrive.

Georgia House District 147

Bethany Ballard is our neighbor, friend, and conservative advocate. She will fight for the opportunities we deserve under the Gold Dome.

About Bethany

Bethany and her husband, Mike, chose to make Warner Robins their home over a decade ago when he was transferred to Robins Air Force Base. She received a BA in English Literature from the University of North Carolina and an MA in English from the University of Central Arkansas. Before becoming active in politics, she taught high school English at her husband’s various duty stations.

Bethany and her husband Mike were married in 1996 and have two children, Braden and Preston. They attend Perry United Methodist Church and are all active in the various ministries of the church. Bethany is the Acolyte Coordinator and serves on the church’s scholarship committee.

A lifelong Republican, Bethany has served in the Georgia House since her election in 2022. She serves as Chairman of the Education Curriculum Subcommittee, the Vice President of Special Rules, and a member of Defense and Veterans Affairs. She was appointed by House Speaker Jon Burns to represent Georgia on the Education Commission of the States. Bethany is also an active board member of Republican Leadership for Georgia.

Bethany Ballard for State House

2929 Watson Blvd, Suite 2, Box 208

Warner Robins, GA 31093