Foster Care Reform

Reform of the foster care system is more important than ever. Legislators still have a tremendous amount of work to do in the coming legislative session.

All Georgians and their families have a God-given right to pursue the life they want, and therefore we have a duty to ensure children yearning for a family they know will keep them safe is a fundamental obligation.

As a State Representative, I will work to protect our state’s children who can no longer live at home. They should never be made to languish in temporary solutions while bureaucratic red tape inches along.

Additionally, I will support caseworkers and foster parents who work tirelessly to provide family structures for these children. Again, consistency and normalcy should be a primary goal.

Decisions at the national level have an impact on our ability to protect families and children in Georgia. If we don't take steps now, they will suffer inside a system that isn't designed to keep up.

  • We must prevent case worker burnout with better staffing, pay, and support.
  • Our system should safely, but efficiently, reunify families with proper oversight. If not, then ensuring they are in a loving, safe environment should happen with haste.
  • We must account for extreme circumstances. Currently, over 50 children are housed in hotels because of "behavioral issues" and this is unacceptable.

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