Agriculture is Georgia's number one industry. If you eat food, wear clothes, or live in a house, you are dependent on a farmer! This is why it is important that we protect our farmers and Georgia's agri-businesses from burdensome federal regulations that tie their hands.

Agricultural education is key to the success of Georgia's farms and farmers. Whether it's teaching students in urban areas about farm life and where their food comes from or making sure our young farmers in rural areas are educated about the latest agricultural technologies, education is vitally important to making sure farms thrive.

In our uncertain world, it is more important than ever to have a safe and secure local food supply. Our Georgia Grown program has helped to put Georgia products on store shelves and has made it easier for families to purchase locally grown commodities.

  • We have protected our farmers' investments by increasing the penalties for livestock theft.

  • We have secured funding to build a new sheep and swine barn and arena at the Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry. With a growing interest in youth livestock activities in our schools, this will help our students grow their interest in agriculture.

  • We have invested in the Georgia Farmland Conservation Fund which awards matching grants to support farmland conservation, food and farming production, and the purchase of agricultural conservation easements.

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