Support Robins Air Force Base

Robins AFB is economically foundational to Houston County and the entire Middle Georgia region. We have a real duty to ensure the based, its personnel, and its missions are supported at the State level as much as possible. Without the base, livelihoods and our regional prosperity would dry up overnight.

We must focus on preparing civilian support for the base's missions with effective and targeted educational opportunities through our public schools, technical colleges, and the VECTR Center. Military spouses must quickly find work by ensuring we continue to expand licensing transfers from other States. This is especially important in light of the importance the Department of Defense puts on this issue in BRAC.

The Georgia Joint Defense Commission is a critical part of our ability to maintain support for Robins AFB and will provide great support for the vision to support the the base and new missions with improved education and technology resources.

  • Reduce to 30 days the time it takes to transfer a professional license from another State to Georgia for military spouses.
  • Attract industries that support the current missions of Robins AFB and will expand capabilities to support new missions in the future.
  • Connect educational institutions to the base's missions so that civilians are well prepared in their professional careers to ensure Houston County is an ideal candidate for future plans.

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