Jobs and the Economy

Georgia has been the #1 State to do Business for eight years running, and Houston County has celebrated with tremendous job growth as part of that. Thanks to the conservative leadership of our State, we are reaping the benefits of a strong economy even as troubling signs are brewing from mismanagement at the national level.

We didn't shut down during COVID, which results in millions of Georgians seeing positive impacts on their jobs and livelihoods as the economy rebounded. Over 33,000 jobs were created by new startups and larger companies relocating to Georgia because of our workforce, pro-growth policies, and strong fiscal position. We also saw a tax refund given back to Georgia taxpayers due to the strong economy foundation of our State.

A strong economy benefits all Georgians. It is proven time and again that pro-growth and pro-jobs policies are the best alleviator of poverty. We must continue to ensure that our community thrives and our residents can find good paying jobs.

  • Protect the State's AAA bond rating by limiting spending to essential services and only borrowing for projects when it makes fiscal sense to do so.
  • Continue reducing taxes at the State level to gradually and effectively eliminate the State income tax in favor of a tax system that doesn't take money out of your paycheck.
  • Protect small business owners from frivolous government mandates and allow them to put their neighbors to work!

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