Public Safety

Houston County is seeing a significant rise in crime being exported down from Macon, especially in gang crime. We must empower our local law enforcement and prosecutors to defend our community from threats that would steal our rights away from us.

We have already taken significant steps towards gang violence in the State with HB1134 and SB361, but with over 71,000 statewide gang members and 1,500 suspected networks, we cannot rest.

As a State Representative, I will work with local law enforcement and prosecutors to ensure public safety is a top priority. Protecting your rights as citizens means ensuring that convicted violent criminals are taken off the streets and those that can be restored as productive citizens be given the opportunity to change their lives.

  • Invest in police resources to investigate and arrest suspected gang members, and give prosecutors the tools needed to secure convictions and put violent offenders away.
  • Engage our education system to inspire younger members of our community to steer clear of gang violence. They must have hope in a better future in order to make the right choices.
  • Defend the rights of citizens to protect themselves. People have a God-given right to protect their homes, families, and lives.

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