Public Safety

Keeping citizens safe is the most sacred task of government. To keep Georgia the best place to live, work, and raise a family, we must make sure that our police officers have the tools and training to keep our communities safe. Safe communities are thriving communities.

As a State Representative, I will always work with local law enforcement and prosecutors to ensure public safety is a top priority. Protecting your rights as citizens means ensuring that convicted violent criminals are taken off the streets and those that can be restored as productive citizens be given the opportunity to change their lives.

  • The House voted to protect our men and women in law enforcement by creating the offense of arson of a law enforcement vehicle, and we increased the salary for law enforcement officers across 19 state agencies.

  • We are protecting property rights. The House created the offense of unlawful squatting when someone enters and resides upon the land or premises of the owner without the owner or rightful occupant's knowledge or consent.

  • We are protecting citizens by requiring Georgia law enforcement to send information relating to immigration status of any person in their custody in the country illegally to federal immigration officials.

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